Why I Like to Bake

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I truly LOVE to bake and feel so fortunate that I have found my passion in the kitchen. There are so many reasons why baking has quickly become a full-time addition to our family!

My Special Place

At first, baking was a piece of me that gave me an outlet to do something on my own as a mother and a woman after having babies. I love being a mom to my four boys and a wife to my husband, but baking allowed me to carve out a piece of me that I didn’t even know I had. I was always creative in the kitchen but working on something start to finish is so satisfying! I truly love all parts of doing a finished cookie order—working with customers to take an order to making the dough, to adding the final detail on an order to make it perfect.

Over the course of time, I have fallen in love with seeing the joy on kids and the faces of moms and dads when they pick up their order and are able to have it at their party. I feel so grateful to share in some part of the joy of their special day! As the years passed, I noticed that I was doing repeat birthday parties for the same child and that is so meaningful. I can have a super-packed baking week but I will never turn down a cookie order from someone whose life I’ve enriched with cookies from the beginning!

“I feel so grateful to share in some part of the joy of their special day!”

My husband once told me that when I bake and decorate cookies I can zone out the entire family and everything else that is going on. It is SO true and I think mostly why I love it so much. I love being creative and being able to relax yet being productive at the same time. Baking has for sure become my stress reliever. I think of decorating cookies like doing a dance—my hand starts to decorate and flow and I just love it! I love getting in the ‘zone’ as my husband calls it 🙂

I bake because it relaxes me and gives me an outlet but there are literally millions of reasons to hit the oven. What’s yours?