My Business and What Inspires Me

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Hi friends! I’m so excited to tell you a little bit about Brookies and how it all got started!

A Family Affair

The idea of me baking started from when I was very young. My grandma is a wonderful baker and I can remember always making cakes and cinnamon rolls with her every summer and Christmas! She also makes the best homemade caramel popcorn! I always gained a lot of inspiration from her and loved the way she worked in the kitchen—my mom was the same way. Nothing was ever too exact or too refined, it was a little bit of this and a little dash of that and it always turned out perfect! She eventually took her ideas and her recipes and published a cookbook which I also found very inspiring.

I still remember helping her deliver all of the books when they came in. It was hard work and I loved seeing it all pay off for her and the delight on her customers faces. On a different note, my dad was a fantastic drawer and painter and I still think of him every time I have to draw out my own cookie cutter!

Instant Inspiration

I love gathering inspiration from my father and grandma but I also gain a lot of inspiration from friends and daily people I come in contact with. I love the energy and creativity people bring to life! Inspiration can also a lot of times come in forms not so human too—like finding a really cute Christmas ornament that I just HAVE to turn into a cookie!

From Dream to Reality

I first realized that this could be a business when my sister-in-law gave me business cards for Christmas one year and told me to put up a Facebook page. Up until that point I had just been baking for my own kids’ events and was super scared to put my baking out to the public. Thankfully I listened and I’ve never looked back!

I really love all parts of my business but I will have to say my favorite is when I add the last final detail to a cookie and can see the whole thing come to life. It’s so fun to add an extra flower detail on something or add a nose or eyes to make it special!

Sometimes, life just happens. I had grown up with baking all my life, took interest in it myself as a hobby and suddenly it was a business of my own. I don’t know when inspiration is going to come but I’ve learned the lesson to always be ready for it. Here’s to the next great idea!