Must Have Kitchen Items

  • Baking

Obviously, if you’re going to be a serious baker you need all kinds of toys. Spatulas, sifters, pans—you name it. A kitchen is never fully stocked but I wanted to share some of the essentials that I use nearly every time I bake. There are SO many but here are a few:

1. Offset spatulas

These are a must! I have two—and they are the same two that I have used from day one. The one I use for getting the cookies off of the counter after cutting them is a little thicker and smaller than the one I use for getting the cookies off of the cookie sheet when they come out of the oven. Both are extremely important!

When shopping for spatulas, make sure you can handle them well and they feel comfortable to you. Also helpful, the smaller one for getting the cut cookies off of the counter should have a little bit of a sharper edge for making sure that cookies come off just right :).

2.  A KitchenAid mixer

I have gone through multiple mixers all of which are KitchenAid and I have had the best luck with the KitchenAid Artisan Design Series. I’ve had it now for three years and that’s a lot considering how often it gets used! I always try and use a glass bowl with my mixers over a metal one. I like to see through the sides of the bowl so I know that everything got mixed.

3.  Cookie Sheets

Never go cheap on good cookie sheets! I use the golden ones from Williams Sonoma and have since the day I started. They last a long time and bake the most perfect cookie.

4.  Aluminum Foil

Is there anything this miracle product can’t do? When preserving frosting aluminum foil is a must! I mix all of my colors in bowls and the royal icing has to be covered at all times. I prefer to use the widest roll I can find and also the heavy-duty kind.

5. Reynolds Cling Wrap

Another must! I wrap all of my cookie dough in it and it keeps it sealed in the fridge for two weeks. I. Cannot. Live. Without. Reynolds. Cling. Wrap.

6. Mini Rubber Spatulas

I absolutely love using the mini rubber spatulas! It’s funny, before I had this business I would see those in stores and wonder what in the world people used them for. Now, I can’t have enough!

7.  Gel Food Coloring

To get the perfect cookie color I always use gel food coloring. It makes the most vibrant frosting colors!

I could go on about baking supplies all day but these are the fundamentals, the things that a baker treats like a third (or seventh) arm. Now, go fill your kitchen!