My Kids’ Favorite Cookies

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My boys LOVE being in the kitchen with me and they really love it when I let them decorate cookies, which doesn’t happen as often as you might guess! I get such joy when they are able to see me start and finish a cookie order and they can see the design come to life. I always know when I have done a really good job when they look at an order and tell me “Wow! Those are your best yet!” They are always my best critics and tell me exactly what they think :).

I would have to say that my boys’ favorite cookie design are anything sports related! Most specifically they love to see when I do logo cookies of their favorite NFL football teams. They are also big fans when I bring cookies as treats to their sporting events and they sit at the counter with me and list all of the team members so I can personalize each cookie for them 🙂

And that’s the point—their favorite cookies are ones that speak to them. I feel so blessed to be able to make cookies that not only taste great but say something about the person who is eating them. My boys love sports so their cookies center around them and I love expressing their personalities through my baking. They feel like they’re eating their cookies. I love that and try to infuse every cookie I make with the personality of the person who will eat them.